NMB Bank

We see endless possibilities

NMB  Bank has launched its new corporate campaign  ‘We see endless opportunities’ - ‘‘हामी देख्छौ अपार संभावना’

The economic landscape of Nepal is changing; we are best positioned for growth as never before. Yet, our youth seek in roads of prosperity abroad. Our rivers boast of energy untapped, yet our villages linger in darkness. Our farmers struggle to make ends meet when all they need is mechanization in farming techniques. As pertinent is the importance of inculcating the importance of individual savings, minimizing expenses and channeling savings and deposits towards larger capital formation and reducing imports eventually. With 51.48% of women accounting for the total population, empowering women to succeed as entrepreneurs would craft the makings of a truly new Nepal. This campaign is designed to bring a sense of realization and belief that a bright and sustainable future can be attained in Nepal.

The essence of the campaign is rooted in our vision for the future and derives its source from the core of our business values. The campaign defines NMB’s current position in its trailblazing history of close to 25 years. NMB has historically been able to see beyond what seems ordinary and able to harness those opportunities. We believe in seeing beyond the obvious and that precisely has been the catalyst of our success. The campaign seeks to translate our values and beliefs to bring to every Nepali the assurance that Nepal has opportunities for each one of us and NMB is there to support in materializing those opportunities and succeed.

The Bank’s philosophy of Sustainable Banking is manifested in our project undertakings encompassing Renewable Energy, agriculture, SME,Retail, women entrepreneurship and the importance of financial literacy in capital growth, have been featured in the campaign. These core areas are intrinsic for long term sustainable development of the economy.

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