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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many kinds of savings/deposit, which one should I choose?

We offer various savings and deposits schemes to suit the different segments and needs of the society. You are free to choose the scheme that suits your requirement. To know more about our savings products, please visit – https://www.nmbbanknepal.com/products--services/accounts-deposits/saving-accounts

How do I activate my “Dormant” bank account?

To activate your “Dormant” account, you can visit your nearest NMB branch with your original government issued ID- Citizenship, Passport, Voters ID, Drivers License branch.

Does the bank send me a monthly statement on my checking or savings account?

Yes, the bank sends an email on monthly account statement. The said email is sent to the customer’s provided email address if you have subscribed to NMB e-banking. You can also view your account statement via NMB mobile and web banking.

To download mobile banking

https://bit.ly/3IhBMuA - for Android users

https://apple.co/33HAeeu- for iOS users

To register for web banking, please visit- https://web.nmb.com.np/login

How do I register for Email Statement/s?

You can register for Email Statement/s through our e-banking (Link) facility.


You can view your monthly statement through this.

What is the frequency of interest pay-out?

The frequency of interest pay-out offered is as under:


Savings Account

Sualv Muddati Bachat

Manyajan Muddati Bachat

Interest Payout




What is the procedure to add/modify or delete a nominee for all my accounts and deposits?

Please visit your branch where you opened your account where a dedicated staff member will guide you on the process. You do not require taking any documents for this.

How do I register for Email Statement/s?

You can register for Email Statement/s through our e-banking (Link) facility.

What is online security?

Your Visa Debit/Credit Card is secure for online usage with a 6 digit numeric 3D Secure PIN – a password for online transactions.

How do I register for 3D Secure PIN?

3D Secure is a service that allows you to generate a 6 digit PIN to protect your VISA debit/credit card when you shop online; giving you added reassurance that no third person or third party app can access your VISA card information.  Please do not disclose your 3D Secure OTP PIN to anyone.

To know more and apply online, please visit- https://www.nmb.com.np/nmb-3d-secure-

What is  a secure URL?

Look for an "s" after the "http" in the web page address or URL of the online store you are visiting for safe browsing and payments. For e.g.

How to protect my card details?

Only give your NMB VISA debit/credit card details when making purchases. Never reveal them for any other reason.

Are  delivery and return policies important?

Before completing an online transaction, read the delivery and return policies on the online store's home page. Find out if you can return items and who bears the cost for the discrepancies.

Can I  send payment information via email?

Never send payment information via email. Information that travels over the internet (such as email) is not fully protected from being read by outside parties. Most reputable merchant sites use encryption technologies that will protect your private data from being accessed by others as you conduct an online transaction.

Should I keep a record of my online transactions?

You should keep records of your online purchases. Back up your transaction by saving and/or printing the order confirmation.

How can I review my monthly account statement thoroughly?

Monitor your monthly statements, especially after an overseas trip. Check all transactions, even the small ones, because criminals test out stolen accounts by buying inexpensive items rather than large ones.

Please notify the bank on suspicious activities immediately to prevent possible frauds from occurring. You can keep track of your bank balance via our internet banking.  Please visit our internet banking - https://web.nmb.com.np/login



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