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NMB Bank enhances its payroll account offerings

NMB Bank has introduced enhanced variants to its popular payroll accounts NMB Talab Khata and NMB Super Talab Khata. The new variants offer total insurance coverage of up to NPR. 18 Lakhs. Under the new product variant ‘NMB Premium Talab Khata’ customers are provided with Accidental Death Insurance coverage of up to NPR. 10 Lakhs with coverage of 18 critical illness of up to NPR. 5 Lakhs, whereas under ‘NMB Premium Super Talab Khata’ customers are benefited with Accidental Death Insurance Coverage of up to NPR. 10 Lakhs with coverage of 18 Critical illness of up to NPR. 7 Lakhs and Medical Insurance of up to NPR. 1 Lakh.


NMB Premium Talab Khata and Premium Super Talab Khata have been introduced with the objective to ‘offer more’ to the customers not just in terms of coverage limit but also extend the scope of coverage. ‘We have currently one of the best product offerings in the particular segment in the industry and are continuously undertaking research and development to enhance our products so that our product offerings provide unique value proposition to customers at all times’, said a statement issued by the Bank.

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