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NMB Ujyalo Pension Bachat Khata is a unique pension savings product variant targeted to the pensioners of energy sectors in order to encourage them toward savings and to provide value based banking.


Pensioners from Energy sectors and entities who are not covered by other products.

  • Completely filled Personal Account Opening Form
  • Copy of Citizenship Certificate
  • One passport size photograph
  • Product Declaration
  • Pension Card
  • Minimum Balance: Nil
  • Interest Rates: Click here to check the interest rate 
  • Interest Calculation: Daily Balance, Monthly Interest Posting/Payment
  • *Insurance Facility for 5 years : Coverage up to:
    • NPR. 10 Lakh Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability Insurance
    • NPR. 10 Lakh 18 Critical Illness Insurance
    • NPR. 1 Lakh Medical Insurance (80K- Hospitalization and 20K-Domiciliary)
  • Free issuance/renewal of NMB Delight Card, NMB Omni channel banking, NMB Platinum Credit Card (for officers and above only) or Normal Credit Card - for 1st 5 years
  • Free Issuance/renewal of Dollar Card, Prepaid Dollar card and Virtual Dollar Card - for 1st 5 years
  • Free Prepaid Dollar Card – Top up Charge - for 1st 5 years
  • Free Fund Transfer Facility up to 30 transactions per month-NMB Omni Channel (for 1st 5 years)
  • Free Demat- Issuance/Renewal (for 1st  5 years)
  • Free Mero Share- (for 1st  5 years)
  • Free ASBA 
  • Portfolio Management Service 50% Discount (Yearly Asset Management Fee)
  • Free Issuance of Balance Certificate/Good for Payment Cheques (for 1st 5 years)
  • 100% waiver on Safety Locker Deposit margin (subject to availability)
  • 50% waiver on Annual Locker Charge (subject to availability) 1st 5 years only
  • FCY rebate 20p – FCY buying (on published rate)
  • Facility of Recurring Deposit, with term life facility of up to 10 times of monthly committed RD Packet, and with Term Life Insurance facility of up to NPR. 25 Lakhs

    *Insurance Modality:
  • In case of GPA and Critical Illness, 4-times of monthly average balance or up to NPR 1 Million whichever is lower
  • In case of Medical Insurance Coverage, ¼th times of monthly average balance or up to NPR 1 Lakh whichever is lower
Rates & Fees

Click here to check the interest rate 


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