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Ensuring that our financial support reaches all segments of society and aligning with our core values of prioritizing people, prosperity, and the planet, agriculture lending holds a crucial place among our priorities. Agriculture serves as the primary economic activity in our country, yet the lack of access to finance throughout the agricultural supply chain has hindered the sector's full potential in terms of production and benefits. To address this, we actively support the Government's initiative to increase financing in the agricultural sector and remain steadfast in providing direct and indirect assistance to the agricultural community.

Every year significant foreign reserves are depleted for agricultural products import. The bank has been supporting agriculture businesses – big and small to increase productivity through our financing. This is expected to contribute to food security in the country through a rise in production. 

The bank supports climate-smart agriculture practices that are resilient and productive in climate change conditions. The financing is inclined to sustainable agriculture that promotes long-term environmental, economic, and social viability. The aim is to address the food security issue faced by the country. 

Aside from directly financing agriculture-related businesses, we actively seek partnerships to provide non-financial expertise and knowledge, allowing us to design programs and processes that support small farms and farmers while also filling the financing gaps in the value chain.

In accordance with the mandatory provisions set by NRB and driven by our vision of value-based banking, NMB Bank has established a dedicated "AGRI DESK" to facilitate credit processes within the agriculture sector. This specialized department will handle the entire agriculture loan portfolio, overseeing its processing, monitoring, and supervision. Recognizing the immense potential in this sector and to comply with NRB's requirements, our strategic focus is to expand the Agricultural loan portfolio by capitalizing on market opportunities and offering a wider range of structured products and services for the long-term benefit of the bank.

Our customer-centric approach is ingrained at every level of our organization. Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff at branches across the country are well-equipped to understand your business needs and are eager to provide you with our class services.

NMB Bank eagerly awaits the opportunity to welcome you and your business at our service outlets.

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