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Our Corporate Banking division is dedicated to supporting import-substituting industries, promoting local value additions, and offering trade-related solutions. Whether you're seeking financial assistance for your business or looking to optimize your trade operations, we are here to help you achieve your goals by providing banking solutions tailored for industrial setups, expansions, foreign currency transactions, and trade finance.

The Corporate Banking division enables businesses to thrive in competitive markets while effectively managing their financial needs. Our primary focus is to contribute significantly to the growth of import substituting industries, productive sectors which aim to produce goods and services domestically, reducing dependency on imports, drive economic growth and create employment opportunities which ultimately results in a stable and sustainable economy. By offering trade-related solutions, FX hedging, and specialized loan requirements, corporate banking division enables businesses to prosper and contribute to overall economic development of the nation. By understanding the unique needs of these entities, we can craft comprehensive financial solutions, fostering sustainable growth and economic stability in the long run.

We provide tailor-made solutions that cater to the specific needs of large conglomerates, including:

Trade-Related Solutions: Corporate Banking division offers trade finance solutions such as letters of credit, Bank guarantees, and documentary collections to facilitate smooth international transactions. These solutions help conglomerates mitigate payment risks, streamline supply chains, and foster global business relationships.

Foreign Exchange (FX) Hedging: As conglomerates engage in cross-border trade and face currency fluctuations, FX hedging instruments like forward contracts, options, and currency swaps are vital. We assist in developing comprehensive hedging strategies to protect against FX risks, ensuring stable financial performance.

Syndicated Loans: Large conglomerates often require substantial financing to undertake major projects or acquisitions. Corporate banking division participates in syndicated loan (consortium) arrangements, collaborating with other banks to collectively fund these ventures, spreading the risk and optimizing financing costs.

FX Loans: We are supporting various steel industries, cement industries, tiles industries, airlines, hotels and other import substituting industries with catered foreign currency loans which includes both working capital and term financing. We also provide attractive rebate and premium facilities attached to foreign currency transactions.

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