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NMB Bank Limited has long been committed to sustainable banking practices, recognizing the integral role that financial institutions play in shaping equitable and inclusive societies. Rooted in its core values of responsibility for the actions and prudence for sustainable and consistent growth, NMB Bank has consistently strived to go beyond traditional banking roles, actively engaging in initiatives that drive positive social and environmental change. 

With the introduction of the GESI Plan, NMB Bank takes its commitment to the next level through its efforts in creating a banking environment that is not only accessible and inclusive but also responsive to the diverse needs of employees, customers, and communities.

The NMB GESI plan is a strategic framework that underscores the Bank’s dedication to promoting diversity, empowering marginalized communities, and advancing gender equality within the bank and beyond through equity and inclusion. With NMB GESI, the Bank envisions establishing a culture of diversity and inclusion within the bank to create tangible and meaningful business value. In the days to come, the GESI plan shall activate multiple programs and initiatives targeted towards promoting and empowering diversity in terms of gender, geographic region, disability, and age through the following strategic priorities:

Workforce Diversity

Inclusive Banking Ecosystem

Data Driven Governance

Leadership Commitment

With the GESI Plan, the Bank is poised to make a tangible and meaningful impact on diversity and inclusion, both within the organization and in the broader societal context. 

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