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Sulav remit is the remittance service developed by NMB Bank Limted which offers international funds transfer facilities. NMB Bank Sulav Remit has established remittance business relationship with various foreign banks and foreign exchange companies. Nepalese staying abroad can visit any of these banks and exchange companies and send money through "Sulav Remit", the fastest, easiest and reliable money transfer system of NMB Bank Limited, at low charges to more than 8000+ remittance payment outlets across Nepal.

Sulav Remit is an easy and affordable remittance platform that runs on a commercially tested software developed by one of the best remittance software vendor of the country. Our java based software is equipped with VeriSign Authentication Services to ensure security of the system and the transactions.

NMB Bank Ltd has established remittance business relationship with various banks and exchange houses around the globe. Nepalese staying abroad can visit these banks and exchange houses for sending their hard earned money safe and comfortably in their homes to Nepal.


S.NoExchange House NameWebsite
1NBL Money Transferhttp://www.nblmt.com.my
2CBL Money Transferhttp://www.cblmoneytransfer.com
3GPL Remittancehttp://www.gpl.com.sg
4Placid Expresshttps://www.placid.net


S.NOExchange House NameWebsite
1NBL Money Transfer Pte http://www.nblmt.com.sg
2GPL Remittance Ptehttps://www.gpl.com.sg


S.NoExchange House NameWebsite
1Sharaf Exchangehttp://www.sharafexchange.com
2Index Exchangehttp://www.indexexchange.com
3Joyalikkas Exchangehttp://joyalukkasexchange.com



S.NoExchange House NameWebsite
1Joyalukkas Exchangehttp://joyalukkasexchange.com
2Aman Exchange WLLwww.amankuwait.com

World Wide:

S.NoExchange House NameWebsite
1Instant Cashhttp://www.instantcashworldwide.com
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