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Type the following and send to 37447
Syntax:- PIN
Keyword: Suppose your PIN is 1111

Keywords Function Keyword
BAL Balance Enquiry 1111 BAL
LT To view last three transactions 1111 LT
CR To request check book 1111 CR
SR To request account statement

1111 SR 050210 050111(this will give you the account statement from 5 February

2010 to 5 January 2011)

FX To request foreign exchange rate of specific currency 1111 FX USD(to get exchange rate of US Dollar)
FT To make fund transfer 1111 FT 5000 00100000211R (to transfer Rs 5000 in a/c no. 00100000211R)
PAY LL To pay NTC Land line bill 1111 PAY LL 500 014425635 (to pay Rs. 500 of land line no 014425635)
PAY PP To pay NTC postpaid mobile bill 1111 PAY PP 500 9851025145 (to pay Rs. 500 of mobile no. 9851025145)
RC NG 100 To purchase Rs. 100 NTC GSM recharge card 1111 RC NG100
RC NG 200 To purchase Rs. 200 NTC GSM recharge card 1111 RC NG200
RC NG 500 To purchase Rs. 500 NTC GSM recharge card 1111 RC NG500
RC NG 1000 To purchase Rs. 1000 NTC GSM recharge card 1111 RC NG1000
PAY NCPP To pay NCell postpaid and NCellprepaid bill 1111 PAY NCPP 500 9801025145 to pay Rs. 500 of mobile no 9801025145)
PC To change your security pin code 1111 PC 2222 (This will change your PIN from 1111 to 2222. Now your new pin code will be 2222)
PAY ADSL To Pay Ntc ADSL bill

PIN PAY (adsl amount) (adsl username) (landline number)1111 PAY ADSL 1017 adsl4052102 014246210

(to pay Rs. 1017 of adsl user name adsl4052102)

RC DH250 To buy dish home recharge worth Rs. 250 1111 RC DH250
RC DH500 To buy dish home recharge worth Rs. 500 1111 RC DH500
PAY MTOP For Mobile Top Up 1111 PAY MTOP
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