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NMB fixed Rate home loan is one of the best product offerings in the Housing Loan segment. We offer Home Loan for purchase of residential land & building, including construction of building.

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Age 25-65 Years
Profession Salaried Individuals
Remittance Income Holder
Self-employed Professionals
Nationality Nepali
Gender All Gender
Title of the property must be in the name of the borrower or his/her spouse/parents/children.


Along with the Home Loan application, you will need to provide the following documents required for processing Home Loan.

A. Identification related documents

  • Photograph and copy of citizenship of the applicant/sponsor/guarantor
  • Copy of Individual PAN certificate (where applicable)
  • Map of the applicants’/sponsor’s/guarantor’s residence
  • Net worth statement of applicant/guarantor/sponsor
  • Multiple Banking document
  • Account in NMB Bank Ltd.

B. Income related documents

  • For salaried individuals
    • Salary certificate from the employed organization/company (Not older than 6 months).
    • Bank Statement, as applicable.
    • Latest two salary slips (if any).
    • Tax paid document.
  • For self-employed professionals
    • Certificate of registered professional.
    • Detail of income source/ profession.
    • Proof of last 3 years of continuous practice (if any).
    • Bank Statement, as applicable.
    • Tax paid document.
  • For business person
    • Latest audited financial statement as per prevailing Company/Tax Act of Nepal.
    • Bank Statement, as applicable.
    • Certificate of Incorporation (in case of organization)
    • Valid Firm/Company registration certificate.
    • MOA/AOA, Share Lagat, partnership deed (as applicable)
    • Recent tax paid receipt.
  • For other sources
    • Latest lease payment receipt or agreements, title deed of property. Future rental income will not be considered.
    • Other rental income details. If the asset generating rental income is under loan from other financial institution, the Bank must take into consideration the residual income from such asset.
    • Pension slip, interest received statement etc.
    • Bank Statement, as applicable.
    • Other verifiable income.

C. Collateral related documents

  • Land ownership certificate
  • Blueprint/Cadastral Map / trace map
  • Four boundary certificate (Char Killa).
  • Land Classification Document
  • Naksaa Pass, Building construction permission certificate from competent authority, construction completion certificate ( as applicable ) (in case of building available)
  • Collateral transfer deed (for recently purchased property) (rajinama)
  • Latest revenue receipt of land or land or/and building offered as collateral

Note: Other documents as per Bank laid down procedures, as applicable


Types of Property Funded

  • Purchase of land and building
  • Construction of residential building

Loan Limit: Up to 1.5 crore

Loan Tenure: Up to 15 years

Loan To Value (LTV) Ratio

Inside/Outside Valley LTV Ratio
Inside Kathmandu Valley Up to 50% of FMV Up to 70% in case of First HomeBuyer 
Outside Kathmandu Valley Up to 60% of FMV
  • Up to 100% of construction cost in case of home construction


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