NMB Bank

NMB Janmabhumi Muddati Khata is a fixed deposit product that offers individual under foreign employment status with 1%  additional interest rate on deposit fund received from foreign employment. Under this product customers shall be given an opportunity to obtain highest interest rate on various tenure of individual fixed deposit on their remittance funds received on their account from abroad.


All Nepalese Individuals that have been employed abroad and sending money to Nepal.

  • Receipt of the remittance amount (International Remittance only) of fund received from foreign employment.
  • SWIFT document/ proof
  • Any other document which verifies that the amount has been received through remittance channels from foreign employment.

Note: As per Bank laid down procedures and norms.

  • Minimum FD : 1 Lakh
  • Interest Rates : +1% on published rate tenure
  • Tenure: 3 months and above
  • Interest Payment: Monthly or Quarterly

To open online savings account please follow the link https://vcc.nmb.com.np/

Rates & Fees

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