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Project Financing and Syndication

Project Financing and Syndication of the bank mainly focuses on financing infrastructure projects as well as “Green Field Projects” fulfilling the projects’ requirement and nurturing the economic well-being of the country. The bank has built up its portfolio by financing different projects under the sectors like manufacturing, tourism, real estate, and other service sectors. The unit also has experiences handling and prioritizing projects with foreign direct investment and clean green projects.

The competent team under the unit can look after mixed portfolio, where the bank firmly believes on its capability to finance the infrastructure projects solely or through consortium or loan syndication.

Project Financing and Syndication department offers different credit facilities like Term Loan in local currency as well as foreign currency, Working Capital Loan, Bridge Gap Loan, Overdraft, Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantees etc. that are required for facilitating in funding of new projects, expansion and renovation of projects.

The facilities designed by the bank are based on the requirement and the cash flow of the projects.

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